50s Floral wallpaper

Vintage fifties wallpaper with a flower pattern on a white background, the pattern has a authentic vintage look. The paper is quite thin, it should be handled with care.

Dimensions: 10m x 0.53m

Repeat pattern: 53

Productcode: H31a

50s Floral wallpaper1
50s Floral wallpaper2
50s Floral wallpaper3
50s Floral wallpaper4
50s Floral wallpaper5
50s Floral wallpaper6
50s Floral wallpaper7
50s Floral wallpaper8
50s Floral wallpaper9
50s Floral wallpaper10
50s Floral wallpaper11
This wallpaper is out of stock, but we have some nice options in the same style

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