About Vintagewallpapers

My name is Delphine van der Klooster, I am a passionate vintage enthusiast especially fascinated by interior, fashion, art and one of a kind objects.

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In 2005, something truly wonderful happened to me, I was able to purchase my first lot of ten thousand rolls of vintage wallpapers. With so much wallpaper on hand, I decided to start my own business selling vintage wallpaper.

Suddenly I had a warehouse full of wallpaper

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I spend countless hours researching and learning about the different styles of vintage wallpapers, their origins and unique features.

DSC 7669

I began photographing each roll and cataloging them online, creating a database of beautiful wallpaper designs that people could browse and purchase.

IMG 2255

I spend a lot of time on correcting the images, for an online business it’s really important to deliver to your customer what they have seen online.

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What you see is what you get!

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In 2006 I was ready to launch my online shop,

I named it VintageWallpapers

Vintage Wallpapers LOGO VECTOR

My online shop became a hit among vintage enthusiasts and collectors. People from all over the world began to flock to Vintage Wallpapers, eager to purchase one-of-a-kind vintage wallpapers to decorate their homes and businesses. I was receiving orders from all over the world. People were thrilled to have access to such a large and diverse collection of vintage wallpaper.

Carefully packing orders

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In 2023 we celebrate the launch of a new logo for my shop!

Design by Tim Ost


Thanks to that wonderful moment in 2005, I was able to turn my passion for wallpaper into a thriving business that brings joy and inspiration to people all over the world.

My dad on the forklift truck helping me unloading a large lot of wallpapers.

Thanks dad :-)

IMG 7161
IMG 7580

My best helpers and joy of life!

IMG 8259

My youngest daughter Zsa-Zsa Lily Rose helping me out in the shop

IMG 5977

A very exciting trip: Buying a lot of 20 thousand rolls with the help of my dear friend Jan Mangeleer, Czech Republic

IMG 6604

Building racks for my second warehouse, a temporary playground for my two girls

IMG 6937

Vintage wallpapers is an online shop, to attract retro lovers that don’t scroll the web Tim Ost designed an appealing flyer.

VWP FLYER DRU Krv 20230412

When we do it we do it right: With this fabulous flyer there most also come a new business card

VWP VISK DRU Krv 20230412